What would you do if your small business was robbed? Apart from having business insurance coverage, there are a few things you can do to plan ahead for this event. Knowing what to do in an emergency scenario can help you keep a clear head if the worst does ever occur.

1. Call the Police First

Don’t touch anything. Call the police immediately. Don’t enter your business and refrain from the urge to walk through to see what’s still there. This is very important, because if you stumble on the scene of a robbery, someone could still be there. The police will investigate and give you a full report, which you can then use to call your insurance company.

2. Get Your Business Insurance Involved

Once the police have left, start taking pictures and videos and documenting the scene. Get the police report (or case number) and call your insurance company. Your losses should be covered under property insurance. If anyone was injured, liability insurance may also be needed — and if you’re going to be out of business for a while, your business interruption insurance should kick in.

3. Resolve Your Risks

No one is ever at fault for being robbed, but by looking at what happened, you can often identify some risk factors.

If you didn’t have a surveillance system or an active, monitored alarm system, now is the time to install one. If robbers took advantage of a blind spot in your security, it’s time to remove those gaps. This is the time when you should be shoring down your security to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Having a business robbed can be a stressful time, but if you have the right insurance, you can rest assured knowing that the situation will be resolved regardless. Of course, you need to get insurance in advance. If you don’t have enough insurance for your small business yet, it’s time to talk to Allen Insurance and Financial.